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Differential expression of miRNAs and their relation to active tuberculosis

Doi : 10.1016/ 

Zhihong Xu a 1, Aiping Zhou a d 1, Jinjing Ni a, Qiufen Zhang a, Ying Wang b, Jie Lu c, Wenjuan Wu d, Petros C. Karakousis e, Shuihua Lu f ∗∗ , Yufeng Yao a d,∗

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The aim of this work was to screen miRNA signatures dysregulated in tuberculosis to improve our understanding of the biological role of miRNAs involved in the disease. Datasets deposited in publically available databases from microarray studies on infectious diseases and malignancies were retrieved, screened, and subjected to further analysis. Effect sizes were combined using the inverse-variance model and between-study heterogeneity was evaluated by the random effects model. 35 miRNAs were differentially expressed (12 up-regulated, 23 down-regulated; p < 0.05) by combining 15 datasets of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. 15 miRNAs were found to be significantly differentially regulated (7 up-regulated, 8 down-regulated; p < 0.05) by combining 53 datasets of tuberculosis and malignancies. Most of the miRNA signatures identified in this study were found to be involved in immune responses and metabolism. Expression of these miRNA signatures in serum samples from TB subjects (n = 11) as well as healthy controls (n = 10) was examined by TaqMan miRNA array. Taken together, the results revealed differential expression of miRNAs in TB, but available datasets are limited and these miRNA signatures should be validated in future studies.

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Keywords : Tuberculosis, microRNA, Microarray


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