Figure 3

Figure 3 : 

Mountain plot analyses between different default settings of the automated border detection of the HeartModelA.I. (HM 90–50, HM 80–40 and HM 70–30) for the measurement of left ventricular end-diastolic volume (EDV) compared with cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR). A. For HM 80–40 and HM 90–50 settings. B. For HM 80–40 and HM 70–30 settings. C. For HM 80–40 and HM 90–50 settings in the 16 patients with LVEF50%. For HM 80–40, HM 90–50 and HM 70–30 settings, median values were 16, –1 and 21, respectively. For HM 90–50, the mountain was almost centered over zero (unbiased) with, however, a larger negative tail, caused by the frequent overestimation of EDV over CMR in the total population. In the 16 patients with LVEF50%, the mountain was centered over zero without major overestimation.