Figure 3

Figure 3 : 

A. Transthoracic apical four-chamber view of Ebstein’s anomaly of the tricuspid valve. The plane of the normal tricuspid valve annulus is shown by the white line. A septal occluder has been used to close an atrial septal defect. B. The abnormal attachments of the tricuspid valve into the right ventricular outflow tract can be readily demonstrated. The image shows a view from the right atrial/right ventricular side to show the septal occluder en face. The normal plane of the tricuspid valve is indicated by the solid white line. The displacement of the septal leaflets of the tricuspid valve are shown by the asterisks (*) and the chordal attachments into the right ventricular outflow tract are shown by the arrow heads (<). LV: left ventricle; MV: mitral valve; PV: pulmonary valve; RA: right atrium; RV: right ventricle; TV: tricuspid valve; *: insertion of septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve; <: abnormal chordal insertion into the right ventricular outflow tract.