Figure 1

Figure 1 : 

Comparison of three-dimensional contrast-enhanced echocardiography (3DCE) images clearly demonstrated agreement between the regions of enhancement. Patient 1 had asymmetric septal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (maximum wall thickness, 22mm); late gadolinium enhancement cardiac magnetic resonance (LGE-CMR) revealed a large nodular area of hyperenhancement located in the mid septum (panels 1b and 1c); findings in 3DCE were in agreement with the detection of a hyperechogen nodule in the septum (panel 1a). Please see the accompanying i-slice function video clip corresponding to patient 1. Patient 2 had asymmetric septal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (maximum wall thickness, 21mm); LGE-CMR demonstrated a large area of septal hyperenhancement for basal and mid segments (panels 2b and 2c); 3DCE showed an area of hyperechogenicity correlated with the area of myocardial hyperenhancement, suggesting marked myocardial scarring (panel 2a). For patient 3, 3DCE did not show any region of hyperechogenicity (panel 3a); in the same way, LGE-CMR did not reveal hyperenhancement suggesting the presence of myocardial fibrosis (panels 3b and 3c).