Figure 3

Figure 3 : 

Case # 2 before treatment–left eye (LE). Color fundus picture of right eye (A) and left eye (LE) (B), and infrared frame and fundus autofluorescence of the LE (C and D) showing macular atrophy. Fluorescein Angiograph early (E) and late phase (F) of the LE showing an actively leaking infero-temporo-macular type 2 choroidal neovascularization (CNV) (arrow). Indocyanine green angiography, early (G) and late phase (H) of the LE. Horizontal optical coherence tomography scan through the macula of the LE (June 2007) (I) showing cystoid macular edema (small arrows), and the fibrovascular lesion (arrowheads) due to the actively leaking infero-macular type 2 CNV.