Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

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Frequency: 6 issues/y
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January, March, May, July, September, November
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First Published: 1958
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Publisher: ELSEVIER
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Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

French Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Société Française de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation, SOFMER)

D. Pérennou (Grenoble, France)

Associate Editors
P. Azouvi (Neuropsychology / Paris, France), H. Burger (Prosthetics and Amputees / Ljubljana, Slovenia), J.M. Casillas (Cardiovascular and Amputees / Dijon, France), E. Coudeyre (Osteoarticular / Clermont-Ferrand, France), P. Denys (Neuro-urology, Paris, France), S. Nadeau (Neuro-motricity / Montréal, Canada), D. Pérennou (Motricity / Grenoble, France), F. Rannou (Osteoarticular / Paris, France)

Methodological Consultants
C. Benaim (Lausanne, Switzerland), I. Boutron (Paris, France)

Editorial Committee
G. Amarenco (Paris, France), J. Beaudreuil (Paris, France), K. Bennell (Melbourne, Australia), D. Bensmail (Paris, France), F. Béthoux (Cleveland, USA), I. Bonan (Rennes, France), P. Calmels (St Etienne, France), S. Clarke (Lausanne, Switzerland), P. Dehail (Bordeaux, France), M. Dougados (Paris, France), M. Fredericson (Stanford, USA), J.M. Gracies (Paris, France), Y. Henrotin (Liège, Belgium), D. Hunter (Sydney, Australia), M. Imamura (Sao Paolo, Brasil), P.A. Joseph (Bordeaux, France), H. Krebs (Boston, USA), G. Kwakkel (Amsterdam, Netherlands), I. Laffont (Montpellier, France), S. Laporte (Paris, France), T.M. Lefevre-Colau (Paris, France), T. Lejeune (Bruxelles, Belgium), J. Lexell (Lund, Sweden), J. Luaute (Lyon, France), P. Marque (Toulouse, France), A. Nardone (Veruno, Italia), C. Nguyen (Paris, France), J. Paysant (Nancy, France), B. Perrouin-Verbe (Nantes, France), P. Pradat-Diehl (Paris, France), O. Remy-Neris (Brest, France), A Roby-Brami (Paris), G. Rode (Lyon, France), Y. Rossetti (Lyon, France), M. de Seze (Bordeaux, France), C. Stinear (Auckland, USA), A. Thévenon (Lille, France), P. Thoumie (Paris, France), V. Tiffreau (Lille, France), E. Verin (Rouen, France), A. Yelnik (Paris, France)

Academic and scholarly abstracted journal publishing worlwide clinical and basic research in the fiield of hysical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
publishes original peer-reviewed clinical and research articles, epidemiological studies, new methodological clinical apporaches, review articles, editorials and guidelines.

Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine covers all areas of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine; such as: methods of evaluation of motor, sensory, cognitive and visceral impairments; acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders and pain; disabilities in adult and children ; processes of rehabilitation in orthopaedic, rhumatological, neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary and urological diseases.

Official Journal of the French Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Société française de médecine physique et de réhadaptation, SOFMER). Official Journal of the UEMS PRM Section. Published in association with ISPRM

2018 Impact Factor: 4.196; rank 2/65, Q1 (SIGAPS A)
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6 issues/year

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