European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

Revue Européenne du Trauma et de la Dissociation

Vol 3 - N°3 - September 2019
Numéro coordonné par : Olivier Piedfort-Marin
P. 147-207
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Le trauma et le thérapeute
pages 147-149
O. Piedfort-Marin

Short communication
Short Communication
Vicarious trauma in medico-psychological emergency responders
pages 151-156
N. Desbiendras

Personal Report
Personal Report
pages 157-161
M. Río Benito

Research Papers
Research Paper
Vicarious traumas: Definition, context and proposals for care
pages 163-169
G. Bouvier

Research Paper
When the therapist's traumas emerge in a psychotherapy session: The use of trauma related countertransference
pages 171-180
Olivier Piedfort-Marin

Research Paper
pages 181-189
O. Piedfort-Marin

Research Paper
pages 191-201
Onno Van der Hart, Jenny Ann Rydberg

Review Article
Review Article
Civilian doctors face chronic psychotraumatic syndromes of soldiers of the wars of Empire
pages 203-207
E. Josse