Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 14 - N°5P1 - May 1986
P. 707-866
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pages 733-737
Rebat M. Halder, Curla S. Walters, Beverly A. Johnson, Siba G. Chakrabarti, John A. Kenney

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pages 738-742
Monique Lebel, Michel Lassonde

pages 742-747
Robert S. Stern, Richard W. Gange, John A. Parrish, Steven V. Tang, Kenneth A. Arndt

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pages 748-753
Bernhard Ortel, Adrian Tanew, Klaus Wolff, Herbert Hönigsmann

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pages 754-760
Nicholas J. Lowe, Daniel Weingarten, Theresa Bourget, Larry S. Moy

pages 761-764
E. William Rosenberg, Patricia W. Noah, Michael D. Zanolli, Robert B. Skinner, Michael J. Bond, Nancy Crutcher

pages 764-770
Stephen J. Friedman, Barbara J. Fox, Harold L. Albert

pages 770-777
Colleen M. Parker, C. William Hanke

pages 777-784
Vincent Falanga, William H. Eaglstein

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pages 785-791
Elizabeth Heller Page, Denise M. Wexler, Lyn C. Guenther

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pages 792-796
Charles H. Dicken

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pages 797-802
Mary Seabury Stone, Ted Rosen

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pages 803-809
Ruth Hanno, Barbara M. Mathes, Edward A. Krull

pages 810-814
R. Patrick Abergel, Richard F. Lyons, Rodney A. White, Gary Lask, Lois Y. Matsuoka, Richard M. Dwyer, Jouni Uitto

pages 815-826
Edward Wilson-Jones, Richard K. Winkelmann

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pages 827-828
Clifford Warren Lober

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page 829

pages 830-838

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C. Dupont

pages 839-840
B.J. Vermeer

pages 840-843
Rony Moscona, Reuven Bergman, Rachel Friedman-Birnbaum

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Michael B. Brodin

page 843
Stephen M. Schleicher

pages 843-844
Alan Spinowitz, Barry A. Goldsmith

page 844
Lynette A. Gordon

pages 844-845
C. Ralph Daniel

page 845
Andree Haas, Jeffrey S. Dover

pages 845-846
Marvin E. Chernosky, Victoria K. Finley

page 846
J.H. Barth, C.R. Darley, J.R. Gibson

page 846
Jonathan K. Wilkin

page 847
Raymond G. Dufresne, Dana L. Latour, James P. Fields

pages 847-848
Howard Bargman

pages 848-849
Lawrence Schachner, Dorie Hankin

page 849
Juliana Cinque

page 849
John P. Tindall

pages 849-850
K.C. James, D.H. Rushton

pages 850-851
Elise A. Olsen, Sheldon R. Pinnell, Madeline S. Weiner, Elizabeth DeLong

pages 851-854
Stephen M. Purcell, Thomas J. Hayes

pages 854-855
Patrick G. Butler

page 855
Richard W. Sagebiel, John W. Kelly, M. Scott Blois

pages 855-856
Israel Dvoretzky, Nira R. Silverman

pages 857-860
Darrell S. Rigel, Robert J. Friedman, Alfred W. Kopf, Robert Weltman, Phillip G. Prioleau, Bijan Safai, Mark G. Lebwohl, Yehuda Eliezri, Douglas P. Torre, Robert T. Binford, Vincent A. Cipollaro, Laszlo Biro, Donald Cbarbonneau, Athana Mosettis

Book review
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J. Graham Smith

Book review
page 861
William W. Shingleton

Book review
pages 861-862
Albert M. Kligman

Book review
page 862
Walter H.C. Burgdorf

pages 863-866
Franklin S. Glickman

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