Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 2 - N°4 - April 1980
P. 269-358
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Continuing medical education
pages 269-279
Gordon C. Sharp, Philip C. Anderson

pages 280-281

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page 283

Clinical and laboratory studies
pages 285-294
Steven K. Shama, Charles H. Kirkpatrick

pages 295-302
Jaime A. Tschen, Eduardo A. Tschen, Malcolm H. McGavran

pages 303-308
Bruce S. Allen, Margaret H. Fitch, J. Graham Smith

pages 309-317
Joseph L. Jorizzo, Robert G. Crounse, Clayton E. Wheeler

pages 318-321
Joel E. Bernstein, Alan R. Shalita

pages 322-326
Milton R. Okun, Ronald Finn, George Blumental

pages 327-331
Vijay Kumar, Tomasz Rogozinski, Charles Yarbrough, Ernst H. Beutner, Tadeusz P. Chorzelski

pages 332-333
Jere D. Guin

Current issues
pages 334-337
Kenneth M. Halprin

pages 337-339
Robert S. Stern, John A. Parrish, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick

page 340
Dennis A. Weigand

page 341
Donald G. Murphy, Barbara Gastel

pages 342-344
Eugene M. Farber

page 345
Richard P. Kaplan

Special report
pages 346-353

Meeting report
pages 354-357
Daniel E. Gormley

Book review
Book review
page 358
Frank T. Boysia

Bulletin of the American Academy of Dermatology
page 54A

Educational news
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page 61A

Dermatology calender
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