Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 3 - N°3 - September 1980
P. 217-328
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Continuing medical education
pages 217-230
Jan E. Muhlbauer

page 231

pages 232-234

Clinical and laboratory studies
pages 237-240
Karen Kronman Hoefling, Arnold L. Schroeter

pages 241-243
Ray S. Dixon, George R. Mikhail, H. Charles Slater

pages 244-247
James J. Simons, Alejandro Morales

pages 248-250
David M. Pariser, Ronald J. Wyles

pages 251-256
Craig G. Burkhart, Raspal Bhumbra, Anthony M. Iannone

pages 257-270
Steven Kossard, R.K. Winkelmann

pages 271-279
Jouni Uitto, Daniel J. Santa Cruz, Eugene A. Bauer, Arthur Z. Eisen

pages 280-291
Brummitte D. Wilson, Arthur F. Birnkrant, Ernest H. Beutner, John C. Maize

pages 292-298
Bahram Sina, Mouta Dilaimy, Chik-Kwun Tang, Graham Fallon, Joseph W. Burnett

pages 299-302
Jere D. Guin, Virginia K. Berry

Clinical review
pages 303-306
Alexander A. Fisher

page 307
Herbert Goldschmidt

pages 308-310
Neil A. Fenske, John L. Millns

Special article
pages 311-316
David J. Atherton

page 317
Harry L. Arnold

page 317
Dennis A. Weigand

pages 317-318
I. Caro

pages 318-319
Ronald C. Savin

Journal club
pages 320-324
Bruce Thiers

pages 325-328
Hermann Pinkus

Bulletin of the American Academy of Dermatology
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Educational news
page 83A

Dermatology calendar
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