Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 36 - N°6 - June 1997
P. 885-1070
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Dermatologic surgery
page 37A

Current issue
pages 885-896
Curtis A. Raskin

Continuing medical education
page 897

Pearls of wisdom
page 898

pages 899-907
Magdalene Dohil, Julie S. Prendiville, Richard I. Crawford, David P. Speert

pages 908-913
Antonella Tosti, Anna Maria Peluso, Cosimo Misciali, Nortna Cameli

Brief communication
page 913

pages 914-918
David E. Cohen, Ronald Brancaccio, Dina Andersen, Donald V. Belsito

pages 919-923
Sarah Brenner, Anat Bialy-Golan, Grant J. Anhalt

pages 924-931
Gillian E. Gibson, Anthony O'Grady, Elaine W. Kay, Mary Leader, Gillian M. Murphy

pages 932-934
I.M. Zonneveld, M.M.H.M. Meinardi, T. Karlsmark, U. Broby Johansen, G.R.R. Kuiters, L. Hamminga, B. Staberg, A.J. van't Veen, P.M.M. Bossuyt, J.C.G. van Niel, J.D. Bos

pages 935-937
Teresa Hojyo-Tomoka, Julio Granados, Gilberto Vargas-Alarcón, Jesús K. Yamamoto-Furusho, Elisa Vega-Memije, Roberto Cortós-Franco, Octavio Flores, Fernanda Teixeira, Luciano Domínguez-Soto

pages 938-944
Helger Stege, Mark Berneburg, Stefanie Humke, Michaela Klammer, Markus Grewe, Susanne Grether-Beck, Rolf Boedeker, Thomas Diepgen, Karsten Dierks, Günter Goerz, Thomas Ruzicka, Jean Krutmann

pages 945-949
Pier Giacomo Calzavara-Pinton, Cristina Zane, Anna Carlino, Giuseppe De Panfilis

pages 950-955
Daniela Greiner, Elise A. Olsen, Gina Petroni

pages 956-958
Mark L. Welch, William J. Grabski, Martha L. McCollough, Henry G. Skelton, Kathleen J. Smith, Padman A. Menon, Lawrence L. Anderson

pages 959-964
Beth D. Clayton, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Mike G. Hitchcock, Alan B. Fleischer, Phillip M. Williford, Steven R. Feldman, Wain L. White

pages 965-969
R.J. Barlow, N.A. Swanson

Dermatologic surgery
pages 970-982
Gillian E. Gibson, W.P. Daniel Su, Mark R. Pittelkow

Clinical review
pages 983-994
Randolf Brehler, Axel Hildebrand, Thomas A. Luger

pages 995-998
Neal S. Penneys

Current issue
pages 999-1006
Holly B. Faust, Ginat W. Mirowski, Tsu-Yi Chuang, Charles W. Lewis, Rene Gonin, Catherine Melfi, Evan R. Farmer

pages 1007-1008
Ann F. Haas, Nancy Vargo

Pearls of wisdom
page 1008
Jeffrey D. Bernhard

pages 1009-1010
Sidney P. Smith, Ronald J. Siegle, Cynthia Abbott, Richard G. Bennett

pages 1011-1013
Wilma Bergfeld, Rebecca Tung, Allison Vidimos, Latha Vellanki, Berna Rernzi, Ursula Stanton-Hicks

Brief communication
pages 1014-1016
Mary Wu Chang, John E. Miner, Ali Moiin, Ken Hashimoto

pages 1016-1018
Derek Jones, Visoth Chhiap, Stanley Resor, Gerald Appel, Marc E. Grossman

pages 1018-1019
Aditya K. Gupta, Jerome B. Kopstein, Neil H. Shear

pages 1019-1021
Carmelo Schepis, Concetta Barone, Maddalena Siragusa, Corrado Romano

pages 1021-1023
Ann M. O'Hare, Philip H. Cooper, Harry L. Parlette

pages 1023-1025
Todd E. Schlesinger, Charles Camisa, J. Douglas Gay, Wilma F. Bergfeld

pages 1026-1028
Peggy Polk, J. Michael Webb

page 1029
Ioannis D. Bassukas, Max Hundeiker

page 1029
Jeffrey B. Smith

pages 1029-1030
Francisco Gonzalez-Otero

page 1030
John Berth-Jones

page 1030
Ernst Epstein

pages 1030-1031
Robert J. Segal, Leonard Goldberg

page 1031
Daniel Gross

page 1031
Nancy Simons Ling, Teresa Pullara Brandt

pages 1031-1032
Mark L. Welch, William J. Grabski

Book review
page 1033
Donald L. Greer

Book review
Book review
pages 1033-1034
Patricia G. Engasser

Book review
page 1034
Barry Leshin

pages 1037-1048

pages 1049-1070

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