Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 4 - N°4 - April 1981
P. 379-504
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page 65A

page 65A

page 67A
Alfred W. Kopf

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page 88A

Continuing Medical Education
pages 379-394
Joseph C. Alper

page 395

pages 396-398

Clinical and Laboratory Studies
pages 401-403
Neal S. Penneys, Mehrdad Nadji, E. Churchill McKinney

pages 404-411
Dale Isaacson, Maria L. Turner, Mervyn L. Elgart

pages 412-416
Cheuk W. Yung, Keyoumars Soltani, Joel E. Bernstein, Allan L. Lorincz

pages 417-422
Jere D. Guin

pages 423-429
Elizabeth A. Abel, David G. Deneau, Eugene M. Farber, Norman M. Price, Richard T. Hoppe

pages 430-434
Hakan N. Thyresson, W.P. Daniel Su

pages 435-441
B. Safai, I. Rappaport, L. Matsuoka, D. Sogn, K. Haines, M. Lewin

pages 442-445
Jon K. Stern, John E. Wolf, Michael Jarratt

pages 446-450
James E. Turner, Jeffrey P. Callen

pages 451-457
S. Randy Scheen, John A. Doyle, R.K. Winkelmann

pages 458-460
D.N. Sauder, W.D. Steck, P.B. Bailin, R.S. Krakauer

Clinical Review
pages 461-470
John C. Murray, Sheldon V. Pollack, Sheldon R. Pinnell

pages 471-475
James N. Gilliam, Richard D. Sontheimer

pages 476-477
Franklin Pass

pages 478-480
William L. Weston, James K. Todd

page 481
M. Bjellerup, M. Bruze, G. Krook, B. Ljunggren

page 481
David M. Pariser

pages 481-482
Maureen B. Poh-Fitzpatrick

page 482
Samuel Ayres, Richard Mihan

pages 482-483
Brummitte Wilson

pages 483-484
R.S. Rogers, J.D. O'Duffy

pages 484-486
Ali D. Askari

Meeting Report
pages 487-494
Bruce H. Thiers, Richard L. Dobson

Journal Club
pages 495-499
Bruce H. Thiers

pages 500-504
Marion B. Sulzberger

Bulletin of American Academy of Dermatology
page 57A

Educational news
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Dermatology calendar
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page 93A

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