Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 7 - N°4 - October 1982
P. 427-568
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Continuing medical education
pages 427-455
Arthur C. Huntley

pages 456-458

page 458

Clinical and laboratory studies
pages 461-467
Masanobu Kumakiri, Iwao Takashima, Misao Iju, Michiru Nogawa, Yusho Miura

pages 468-477
Christopher P. Crotty, R.K. Winkelmann

pages 478-483
A. Razzaque Ahmed, Patricia Schreiber, William Abramovits, Mark Ostreicher, Nicholas J. Lowe

pages 484-489
Retna A. Billano,, Walter P. Little,

pages 490-494
Frank C. Powell, Sigfrid A. Muller

pages 495-499
Bryan C. Schultz, Henry H. Roenigk, Jr.

pages 500-503
Björn M. Hausen

pages 504-510
Barbara J. Fox, Richard B. Odom, Robert F. Findlay

pages 511-520
Alan J. Olansky, Robert A. Briggaman, W. Ray Gammon, Timothy F. Kelly, W. Mitchell Sams Jr.

Current issues
pages 521-522
Samuel Ayres, Jr., Richard Mihan

Current issues
pages 522-525
H.J. Roberts

Clinical review
pages 526-540
J.E. Jelinek

Case reports
pages 541-544
Paul R. Long, O. Fred Miller

pages 545-548
Philip S. Feldman, Anna N. Walker, Robert Baker

pages 549-551
Richard S. Wilbur

pages 552-554
Rhonda B. Rogers, J. Graham Smith, Jr., Dan K. Chalker

page 555
William Andrew David Griffiths

page 555
Victor H. Austin

pages 555-556
E. Barry Topham

page 556
Shyamsunder G. Bhatia, George P. Ong

pages 556-557
Peyton E. Weary

pages 557-558
Benjamin Moncada, Lourdes Baranda

page 558
Robert S. Bart

page 558
Gerald D. Weinstein

Meeting report
pages 559-562
June K. Robinson

Book reviews
pages 563-564
Theodore Rosen

Book reviews
page 564
Robert M. Harper

pages 565-568
Hans R. Storck

Promoting good skin care
page 78A

page 87A

Dermatology Calendar
page 92A

page 96A