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Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie

Vol 146 - N°8-9 - September 2019
P. 525-606
© 2019, Elsevier Masson SAS

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A new age of atopic dermatitis therapy
pages 525-527
S. Barbarot

Mémoires originaux
Mémoire original
Anatomoclinical and immunohistochemical study of hidradenoma papilliferum, a tumor deriving from anogenital mammary-like glands
pages 528-536
A. Blind, N. Weingertner, B. Cribier

Mémoire original
Anal and vulvar hidradenoma papilliferum are similar: A study of 14 cases
pages 537-541
L. Spindler, E. Pommaret, M. Moyal Barracco, N. Fathallah, F. Plantier, V. Duchatelle, V. de Parades

Mémoire original
Carbon dioxide laser treatment of genital intraepithelial neoplasia: A retrospective study
pages 542-549
E. Joly, H. Lefranc, F. Comoz, F. Lefort, S. Pédaillès, J.-M. Chevallier, A. Dompmartin

Cas cliniques
Cas clinique
Dermatomyositis-like syndrome revealing statin-induced necrotizing autoimmune myopathy with anti-HMGCR antibodies
pages 550-556
M. Merlant, C. Fite, D. Kottler, L. Maisonobe, A. Dossier, L. Deschamps, V. Descamps

Cas clinique
Two cases of unilateral chilblains associated with monoparesis
pages 557-562
P. Couture, P. Moguelet, F. Chasset, A. Barbaud, P. Senet, J.-B. Monfort

Cas clinique
Alopecia, deformed ear and mental retardation associated with terminal 21q deletion
pages 563-570
E. Lafabregue, G. Chaby, P. Vabres, E. Carmi

Cas clinique
Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis associated with erythema nodosum
pages 571-576
C. Jacquin-Porretaz, C. Devalland, T. Delapparent, C. Nardin, A.-S. Dupond

Lettres à la rédaction
Lettres à la rédaction
Phototesting in France: A survey by French Society for Photodermatology
pages 577-581
A. Moreau, M. Avenel-Audran, H. Adamski, F. Aubin, J.-C. Beani, C. Bedane, A. Bonnevalle, C. Boulitrop, J.-L. Bourrain, L. Boursault, H. Dutartre, M. Jeanmougin, F. Leonard, L. Machet, M.-C. Marguery, B. Rouchouse, J.-L. Schmutz, Groupe de la Société française de photodermatologie

Lettres à la rédaction
Aquagenic palmoplantar keratoderma: Can a diagnostic approach be proposed?
pages 581-584
C. Bourseau-Quetier, S. Ly

Expertise médicale continue
Expertise médicale continue en dermatologie : Cosmétologie des états cutanés frontières
Sensitive skin, reactive skin
pages 585-591
L. Misery

Documents iconographiques
Document iconographique
Pigmented eccrine poroma on the back
pages 592-593
M. Lakhmiri, K. Znati, M. Meziane, B. Hassam, K. Senouci

Document iconographique
Morsicatio buccarum et labiorum
pages 594-595
F. Frikha, E. Bahloul, H. Mesrati, K. Sellami, M. Amouri, H. Turki

Document iconographique
Lyme borreliosis mimicking auricular chondritis
pages 596-599
N. Kluger, A. Keinonen, L. Jeskanen, K. Lappalainen

Chronique génomique
Chronique génomique
Progressive symmetric erythrokeratodermia: Activating mutations of TRPM4
pages 600-601
O. Dereure

Note de pharmaco
Note de pharmacovigilance
NB: Slime is not without risk
pages 602-603
J.-L. Schmutz

Rubrique exceptionnelle
Tribute to Jean-Claude Guillaume (1948–2018)
pages 604-605
D. Penso-Assathiany

page 606

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