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Annales de Dermatologie et de Vénéréologie

Vol 147 - N°5 - May 2020
P. 331-409
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

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The future of AI in dermatology and of dermatology with AI
pages 331-333
J.-G. Ganascia

Mémoires originaux
Mémoire original
Anatomoclinical and dermatoscopic study of trichoadenoma
pages 334-339
P. Huet, M.-H. Jegou, F. Bourlond, C. Dupin, B. Cribier

Mémoire original
Use of simulation in healthcare for therapeutic training of the parents of children with hereditary angioedema
pages 340-349
M. Méchineaud, J. Berton, S. Barbarot, H. Humeau, C. Reliat, J.-C. Granry, L. Martin

Mémoire original
Risk factors associated with acne keloidalis nuchae, in black subjects: A case-control study
pages 350-354
B. Saka, A.-S. Akakpo, J.-N. Téclessou, A. Mouhari-Toure, P. Kassang, P. Gnossike, Y. Elegbédé Moise, G. Mahamadou, K.-C. Kpélévi, K. Kombaté, P. Pitché

Cas cliniques
Cas clinique
Atypical Sézary syndrome in a young subject
pages 355-360
S. Jabran-Maanaoui, P. Chauvet, M. Gillard, B. Carpentier, L. Pascal, J.-F. Quinchon, P. Modiano

Cas clinique
Transitory apocrine hidrocystomatosis of the scrotum
pages 361-365
M. Cuvelier, A. Lasek, P. Ngendahayo, I. Théate, U. Sass, P.-P. Roquet-Gravy, A. Bulinckx

Cas clinique
Pseudotumoral calcinosis of the wrist compressing the radial nerve in systemic sclerosis
pages 366-369
S. Driouach, A. Mounir, S. Elkhader, A. Zinebi, M. El Baaj, M.K. Moudden

Case report
Erysipèle du pénis à Haemophilus parainfluenzae compliquant une rupture du frein
pages 370-372
J.-N. Dauendorffer, M. Janier, M. Bagot, S. Fouéré

Cas clinique
Multiple erythema annulare centrifugum associated with knee monoarthritis revealing Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection
pages 373-376
C. Klein, A. Mahé, R. Goussot, L. Spielmann, S. Gravier, D. De Briel, E. Birckel

Cas clinique
Management of chromoblastomycosis, a challenge for limited-resource countries such as Madagascar
pages 377-382
F.-A. Sendrasoa, M.-F. Rakotoarisaona, I.-M. Ranaivo, N.-H. Razanakoto, M. Sata, O. Raharolahy, M. Andrianarison, V. Ratovonjanahary, T. Rasamoelina, F. Rapelanoro Rabenja, L.-S. Ramarozatovo

Cas clinique
Pseudotumoral sublingual leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania infantum
pages 383-386
O. Hocar, M. Aboudourib, N. Akhdari, A. Hamdaoui, T. Mouttaki, M. Soussi, S. Chiheb, S. Amal, M. Riyad

Expertise médicale continue en dermatologie
Expertise médicale continue en dermatologie : Cosmétologie Produits cosmétiques
Deodorants and antiperspirants
pages 387-395
M.-C. Martini

Documents iconographiques
Document iconographique
Recurrent superficial mucoceles of the soft palate
pages 396-397
E. Vigarios, V. Sibaud

Document iconographique
Verrucous leishmaniasis
pages 398-399
M. Lakhmiri, M. Meziane, K. Znati, N. Ismaïli, L. Benzekri, K. Senouci

Document iconographique
Cutaneous larva migrans
pages 400-402
V. Da Silva Dias, C. Picard, A. Dompmartin

Fiche thématique
Dermatoscopie / Dermatopathologie
Extramammary Paget's disease: Dermatopathological-dermatoscopic correlation
pages 403-407
P. Huet, L. Durand, B. Cribier

Histoire/ Art
pages 408-409
N. Kluger
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