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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 23 - N°1 - July 1990
P. 1-166
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

page 17A

page 132
Yehudi M. Felman

pages 133-136

page 93A
W.R. Hubler, Richard W. Sagebiel, Joseph W. Burnett, Peyton E. Weary, Arthur D. Daily, Robert Jackson, James H. McCreary

Continuing medical education
pages 1-18
Curt P. Samlaska, William D. James

pages 19-21

page 22

Clinical and laboratory studies
pages 23-30
Mitchel P. Goldman, Dale E. Martin, Richard E. Fitzpatrick, Javier Ruiz-Esparza

pages 30-36
Esther Azizi, Yochanan Wax, Ayala Lusky, Abraham Kushelevsky, Miriam Schewach-Millet

pages 37-40
Toshiaki Saida, Nagako Yoshida, Shuichi Ikegawa, Kazuyuki Ishihara, Takashi Nakajima

pages 41-48
Wojciech K. Szaniawski, Philip C. Don, Stuart R. Bitterman, Judith R. Schachner

pages 49-51
Jan Jekler, Brian Diffey, Olle Larkö

pages 52-55
Aditya K. Gupta, Michael T. Siegel, Susan C. Noble, Sueann Kirkby, James E. Rasmussen

pages 56-62
Sigfrid A. Muller

pages 63-67
R. Cerio, G.F. Oliver, E. Wilson Jones, R.K. Winkelmann

page 67

pages 68-72
Norman Levine, Margaret Earle, Susan Wilson

pages 73-76
Bart Ramsay, C.M. Lawrence, J. Malcolm Bruce, Sam Shuster

pages 77-81
J.K. Rivers, P.C. Frederiksen, C. Dibdin

pages 82-86
Madelene C.Y. Heng, Charles L. Henderson, Dewayne C. Barker, George Haberfelde

Clinical review
pages 87-103
Donna L. Stockton, Amy S. Paller

pages 104-108
Michael S. Rabkin, Carl T. Wittwer, Vera Y. Soong

Special article
pages 109-114
Richard M. Caplan

Dermatologic surgery
pages 115-120
Marcy L. Street, Randall K. Roenigk

Brief communications
pages 121-122
Franco Crovato, Guido Nazzari, Giovanni Desirello

pages 122-124
Klaus-P. Wilhelm, Howard I. Maibach

pages 124-125
Peter J. Motel

page 125
Eliyahu Fuchs, Yelva Lynfield

pages 125-127
Daniel W. Collison, Philip J. Dahlberg, James D. Hogan

pages 127-128
Warren J. Winkelman, Robin C. Billick, Herbert Srolovitz

pages 129-130
Edward A. Leitao, John R. Person

pages 130-132
Laura Benedetto, Usha Sood, Nina Blumenthal, David Madjar, Stephen Sturman, Ken Hashimoto

pages 137-139
Gary W. Cage

pages 139-140
Raymond L. Barnhill

pages 141-144
Eugene M. Farber

pages 145-149
John A. Kasch, Howard K. Steinman, Lenore S. Kakita, Sharon F. Billon

page 150
Sylvia Martin

page 150
Daniel J. Hogan

pages 150-151
Anthony J. Dare

page 151
Won Hyoung Kang

pages 151-152
Mack R. Holdiness

pages 152-153
Jim C. Chow, Darrel L. Ellis, Michael E. McCadden, Lloyd E. King

page 153
Frans H.J. Rampen, Lilly E.M. Schwengle

pages 153-154
Edouard M. Grosshans

pages 154-156
Howard I. Maibach, Christian Surber, M. Orkin

page 156
Andrew N. Lin, D. Martin Carter

page 156
Scott A. Ross

pages 156-157
Marc E. Goldyne

page 157
David F. Horrobin

pages 158-162

pages 163-166

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