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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 24 - N°5P1 - May 1991
P. 675-810
© 2019, Elsevier Masson SAS

page 686

pages 687-688

Continuing Medical Education
pages 675-685
Philip E. Wakefield, William D. James, Curt P. Samlaska, Monte S. Meltzer

Clinical and Laboratory Studies
pages 689-692
N.S. Penneys, Barbara Goldstein, George T. Nahass, Craig Leonardi, Wen-Yuan Zhu

pages 693-696
Sylvia Jacinto-Jamora, Jasmin Tamesis, Maria Lourdes Katigbak

pages 697-702
Elizabeth F. Sherertz, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Wain L. White, Gina G. Shar, John Arrington

pages 703-705
Andrew Blauvelt, George T. Nahass, Rube J. Pardo, Francisco A. Kerdel

pages 706-714
Christopher J. Arpey, Boni E. Elewski, Deborah K. Moritz, W. Ray Gammon

pages 715-719
Jacob S. Lo, Stephen N. Snow, George T. Reizner, Frederic E. Mohs, Paul O. Larson, George J. Hruza

pages 720-726
Ronald C. Wester, Rajesh Patel, Sergio Nacht, James Leyden, Joseph Melendres, Howard Maibach

pages 727-730
S. Wright, H. Navsaria, I.M. Leigh

pages 731-734
Stanislaw A. Buechner

pages 735-737
Patrick J. Creaven, Howard L. Stoll

pages 738-743
Elise A. Olsen, M. Lisa Abernethy, Carol Kulp-Shorten, Jeffrey P. Callen, Scott D. Glazer, Arthur Huntley, Michael McCray, Alicia B. Monroe, Eduardo Tschen, John E. Wolf

pages 744-746
Ramon M. Fusaro, John A. Johnson

Clinical Review
pages 747-755
Julie N. Kadonaga, Ilona J. Frieden

Dermatologic Surgery
pages 756-759
T. Adam Kaspar, Richard F. Wagner

pages 760-764
S. Balus, A.S. Breathnach, A.J. O'Grady

pages 765-776
John P. O'Brien, William Regan

Periodic Synopsis
pages 777-779
Neal S. Penneys, Edwin Gould

Brief Communications
pages 780-781
Madhulika A. Gupta, Michael T. Goldfarb, Nicholas J. Schork, Jonathan S. Weiss, Aditya K. Gupta, Charles N. Ellis, John J. Voorhees

pages 781-782
Ernst H. Beutner, Tadeusz P. Chorzelski, Aurora Parodi, Robert Schosser, Jere Guin, Paolo P. Cardo, Ewa Maciejowska, J. Edward Valeski, Vijay Kumar

pages 782-784
J.C. O'Keane, Alvin W. Martin, G.F. Wilgram

pages 784-785
M. Stewart, B.R. Smoller

pages 785-786
Ernst Epstein

pages 786-787
David J. Margolis, Sandra E. Horlick

pages 787-788
Toshitatsu Nogita, Hiroko Yamashita, Makoto Kawashima, Akira Hidano

pages 788-789
Ramsay S. Kurban, Jay A. Goldstein, Jag Bhawan

pages 789-790
Oscar Hevia, Douglas Kligman, Neal S. Penneys

pages 790-792
Kathleen J. Smith, Henry G. Skelton, William D. James, Terry L. Barrett, David W. Anderson, Peter Angritt, the Armed Forces Retroviral Research Group

page 792
M. Mokni, M. Rybojad, D. Puppin, S. Catala, F. Venezia, R. Djian, P. Morel

pages 793-794
John D. Stratigos

page 795
Katherine M. Hunter

page 795
James J. Leyden

pages 795-796
A. Bernard Ackerman

page 797
Roy C. Grekin, Marketa Limova

pages 797-798
Mr. Charles Johnston

page 798
Martin Gilbert

pages 799-800
John W. Melski

pages 800-801
Donald C. Abele, Kenya H. Anders

page 801
Marvin J. Rapaport

page 801
Daniel E. Gormley

pages 802-806

pages 807-810

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