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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 36 - N°3 - March 1997
P. 355-512
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page 26A

Reader service
page 30A

Dermatologic Surgery
page 30A

Meeting report
pages 355-367
Angela Hernandez-Martin, Eulalia Baselga, Beth A. Drolet, Nancy B. Esterly

Continuing medical education
pages 368-369

Pearls of wisdom
page 370

page 370

pages 371-377
Joel F. Guillod, Andreas M. Skaria, Denis Salomon, Jean-Hilaire Saurat

Clinical and laboratory study
pages 378-382
Jennifer W. Pennoyer, Caron M. Grin, Marcia S. Driscoll, Sarah M. Dry, Steven J. Walsh, Janine P. Gelineau, Jane M. Grant-Kels

pages 383-387
Nadia Ouahes, Tabarak A. Qureshi, A. Razzaque Ahmed

pages 388-394
K.E. McKenna, R.S. Stern

pages 395-402
Aditya K. Gupta, R. Gary Sibbald, Charles W. Lynde, Peter R. Hull, Ronald Prussick, Neil H. Shear, Piet De Doncker, C. Ralph Daniel, Boni E. Elewski

pages 403-408
Geoffrey C. Basler, Darrell J. Fader, Alan Yahanda, Vernon K. Sondak, Timothy M. Johnson

pages 409-416
Maria DeDavid, Seth J. Orlow, Nathalie Provost, Ashfaq A. Marghoob, Babar K. Rao, Carol L. Huang, Qasim Wasti, Alfred W. Kopf, Robert S. Bart

pages 417-422
Joan Guitart, Monica Peduto, William A. Caro, Henry H. Roenigk

pages 423-432
Jerome Shupack, Elizabeth Abel, Eugene Bauer, Marc Brown, Lynn Drake, Ruth Freinkel, Cynthia Guzzo, John Koo, Norman Levine, Nicholas Lowe, Charles McDonald, David Margolis, Matthew Stiller, Bruce Wintroub, Carol Bainbridge, Sandra Evans, Susan Hilss, William Mietlowski, Christine Winslow, Jay E. Birnbaum

page 432

pages 433-435
Nicolas Hunzelmann, Sabine Anders, Gerhard Fierlbeck, Rüdiger Hein, Konrad Herrmalm, Manuela Albrecht, Sabine Bell, Rainer Muche, Jörg Wehner-Caroli, Wilhelm Gaus, Thomas Krieg

pages 436-439
Sylvie Jeanfils, Pascal Joly, Paul Young, Christine Le Corvaisier-Pieto, Elisabeth Thomine, Phillippe Lauret

pages 440-443
June K. Robinson

Dermatologic Surgery
pages 444-447
William K. Andersen, Robert R. Labadie, Jag Bhawan

pages 448-459
David B. Pharis, Craig Teller, John E. Wolf

Clinical review
pages 460-466
Marie-France Dernierre, Francine M. Foss, Howard K. Koh

Meeting report
pages 467-470
Alfred Knable, Antoinette F. Hood, Thomas G. Pearson

From the academy
pages 471-473
Raymond G. Dufresne, James D. Whalen

Pearls of wisdom
page 473

pages 474-475
Ashfaq A. Marghoob, Alfred W. Kopf

Brief communication
pages 476-477
Tae Yoon Kim, Young Min Park, In Gang Jang, Jong Yuk Yi, Chung Won Kim, Kye Yong Song

pages 478-479
Lawrence L. Anderson, Mark L. Welch, William J. Grabski

pages 479-481
Ibrahim A. Tangoren, Jeffrey M. Weinberg, Michael Ioffreda, Victoria P. Werth, William D. James

pages 481-482
Paul G. Hazen, Martin L. Weil

pages 482-483
Akira Kiyohara, Kenji Takamori, Nobuko Niizuma, Hideoki Ogawa

pages 483-485
Glenn L. Zellman, Moise L. Levy

pages 486-488
Karen M. Lish, Kenneth Washenik, Kim B. Yancey, Carole Yee, M. Joyce Rico

pages 488-490
Sarah Brenner, Anat Bialy-Golan, Nicola Crost

pages 490-491
Konrad Bork, Christopher Nagel

pages 492-493
V. Bauco van der Wal, Marcel F. Jonkman

pages 493-495
Mary Seabury Stone

pages 495-496
Marcia S. Driscoll, Stephen K. Tyring

pages 497-499
Elizabeth F. Callahan, Anita L. Licata, Jennifer F. Madison

page 500
Kevin J. Dallimore

page 500
Lisa M. Cohen

page 500
Rudolf Happle, Wolfgang Küster

page 500
David J. Elbaum

page 501
Lutz Kowalzick

page 501
Guy Webster

pages 501-502
Percy Lehmann, Martina Kerscher

page 502
Pietro Donati, Launan Balus, Pierpaolo Bellomo

page 502
Stephen F. Templeton

pages 502-503
Andrew Y. Finlay

page 503
Robert S. Stern, Kevin E. McKenna

pages 503-504
Ignacio Querol, Teresa Cisneros, Fernando Escolar

page 504
Mario Magana

pages 504-505
Peter R. Lane, Marie J. Mantel, Bruce Reeder

pages 506-510

pages 511-512

page 101A

Reader service
page 103A

page 106A

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