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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 37 - N°2P1 - August 1997
P. 149-294
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

pages 149-165
Marcia E. Epstein, Maria Amodio-Groton, Neil S. Sadick

pages 166-167

page 168

pages 169-178
Pierre Rudolph, Christoph Schubert, Bernadette Schubert, Reza Parwaresch

pages 179-186
June K. Robinson, Darrell S. Rigel, Rex A. Amonette

pages 187-194
Isabelle Serre, Jean Paul Cano, Marie-Christine Picot, Jean Meynadier, Laurent Meunier

pages 195-198
Andreas Bittorf, Manige Fartasch, Gerold Schuler, Thomas L. Diepgen

pages 199-203
Mark D.P. Davis, Mazen S. Daoud, Marian T. McEvoy, W.P. Daniel Su

pages 204-210
Kathleen J. Smith, Henry G. Skelton, John S. Graham, Tracey A. Hamilton, Brennie E. Hackley, Charles G. Hurst

pages 211-216
Diane Jiao, Jean-Claude Bystryn, From the Immunofluorescence Laboratory, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, New York University Medical Center.

pages 217-226
Elise A. Olsen, H.Irving Katz, Norman Levine, Thomas P. Nigra, Peter E. Pochi, Ronald C. Savin, Jerome Shupack, Gerald D. Weinstein, Laura Lufrano, Barbara H. Perry

pages 227-230
Elise A. Olsen, H.Irving Katz, Norman Levine, Thomas P. Nigra, Peter E. Pochi, Ronald C. Savin, Jerome Shupack, Gerald D. Weinstein, Laura Lufrano, Hann-Chang Jou

pages 231-235
Donald L. Greer, Jonathan Weiss, David A. Rodriguez, Adelaide A. Hebert, James M. Swinehart

pages 236-245
John A. Zitelli, Christine Brown, Barbara H. Hanusa

pages 246-249
Larry M. Baddour, Paul B. Googe, Scott L. Stevens

pages 250-255
Anne T. Riordan, Carolyn Gamache, Scott W. Fosko

pages 256-258
Anna T. McNay, Ariel Ostad, Ronald L. Moy, From the Division of Dermatology, University of California Los Angeles—West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center.

pages 259-262
Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Wenchieh Chen, Noel Djemadji, Christos C. Zouboulis, Sergij Goerdt, From the Department of Dermatology, University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin, The Free University of Berlin.

pages 263-264
Marcelo H. Grunwald, Dafna Hallel-Halevy, Boaz Amichai, From the Department of Dermatology, Soroka Medical Center.

pages 265-267
Joseph L. Cvancara, Dirk M. Elston

pages 268-269
Brenda J. Berberian, Todd M. Colonna, Mary Battaglia, Virgina I. Sulica, From the Division of Dermatology, Georgtown University.

pages 270-271
Melanie S. Hecker, Jeffrey M. Weinberg, Bita Bagheri, Ibrahim A. Tangoren, Donald Rudikoff, Edward Bottone, Elise Bilodeau-McCarthy, Robert I. Rudolph, Robert G. Phelps

pages 272-273
P. Kullavanijaya, S. Reangchainam, R. Ungpakorn

pages 274-275
Barry A. Solomon, Riva Collins, Roopali Sharma, Nanette Silverberg, Asha R. Jain, John Sedgha, Teresita A. Laude

pages 276-278
Peter von den Driesch, Miklos Simon, Djalil Djawari, Ralf Wassmuth

pages 278-280
Gil Yosipovitch, Howard I. Maibach, From the Department of Dermatology, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.

pages 281-283
Donald Rudikoff, Israeli A. Jaffe

pages 284-286
Sandra Marchese, Todd J. Nadenichek, Robert T. Brodell

page 287
Lorenzo Cerroni

pages 287-288
Herschel S. Zackheim, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet

page 288
Madeleine Duvic

pages 288-289
S.W. Lanigan, G.A. Katugampola

pages 289-290
Gayle Fischer, Maureen Rogers

page 290
Virginia P. Sybert

page 291
Zoe Diana Draelos

page 291
Mervyn L. Elgart

pages 291-292
Kenneth H. Kraemer

pages 292-293
Stuart J. Salasche

page 293
Pearon G. Lang, Jr

page 294
Ronald Prussick

page 294
Brian D. Zelickson

page 115A

page 126A

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