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Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Vol 38 - N°4 - April 1998
P. S1-S30
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

page 30A

Instructions for Category I CME credit
page 33A

pages 517-538
Lina F. Kanj, Spencer Van B. Wilking, Tania J. Phillips

pages 539-547
Peter Mayser, Ulrich Mrowietz, Peter Arenberger, Pavel Bartak, Jozef Buchvald, Enno Christophers, Stefania Jablonska, Werner Salmhofer, Wolf-Bernhard Schill, Hans-Joachim Krämer, Ewald Schlotzer, Konstantin Mayer, Werner Seeger, Friedrich Grimminger

pages 548-554
Sarah K. Barksdale, Steven A. Oberlender, Raymond L. Barnhill

pages 555-558
Michel Vayssairat, Nisen Abuaf, Nathalie Baudot, Antoine Deschamps, Jean Pierre Gaitz

pages 559-563
Richard Weller, Anthony D. Ormerod, Richard P. Hobson, Nigel J. Benjamin

page 563

pages 564-568
Emmilia Hodak, Gil Yosipovitch, Michael David, Arieh Ingber, Liran Chorev, Ofer Lider, Leora Cahalon, Irun R. Cohen

pages 569-573
Gillian E. Gibson, Marian T. McEvoy

pages 574-579
Mario Magaña, Pastor Sangüeza, Javier Gil-Beristain, Sergio Sánchez-Sosa, Angeles Salgado, Guillermo Ramón, Omar P. Sangüeza

pages 580-584
Gun Yoen Na, Seon Kyo Seo, Sung Kwan Choi

pages 585-588
Heike I. Richter, Claudia Billmann-Eberwein, Markus Grewe, Helger Stege, Mark Berneburg, Thomas Ruzicka, Jean Krutmann

pages 589-593
Jean Krutmann, Thomas L. Diepgen, Thomas A. Luger, Stephan Grabbe, Hans Meffert, Niels Sönnichsen, Wolfgang Czech, Alexander Kapp, Helger Stege, Markus Grewe, Erwin Schöpf

pages 594-598
Joachim Krischer, Olivier Rutschmann, Bernard Hirschel, Sonia Vollenweider-Roten, Jean-Hilaire Saurat, Marc Pechère

pages 599-612
Vincent P. Barranco

pages 613-615
Ada R. Trindade de Almeida, Nalu Iglesias Martins de Oliveira, Bogdana Victoria Kadunc, Sebastião de Almeida Prado Sampaio

pages 620-621
Nurullah Zengin, Ayşe Kars, Yavuz Özışık, Hande Canpınar, Alev Türker, Şevket Ruacan

pages 622-624
Monika Walchner, Gerald Messer, Adelheid Rust, Christian Sander, Martin Röcken

pages 624-627
Yoshie Kawaharaa, Masayuki Amagaia, Yoshiyuki Ohataa, Ken Ishiia, Yoshinori Hasegawab, Roger Hsuc, Carole Yeec, Kim B. Yanceyc, Takeji Nishikawaa

pages 627-629
Itzhak Brook, Edith H. Frazier, Josef K. Yeager

pages 629-631
William P. Carey, M.Joyce Rico, MaryLynn Nierodzik, Gurdip Sidhu

pages 631-633
Rod A. Lea, Saxon Selvey, Kevin J. Ashton, Joanne E. Curran, Philip T. Gaffney, Adele C. Green, Lyn R. Griffiths

pages 633-635
M.J.P. Gerritsen, E.M.G.J. de Jong, P.C.M. van de Kerkhof

pages 635-638
William L. Weston, Marti Friednash, Takashi Hashimoto, Peter Seline, J.Clark Huff, Joseph G. Morelli

pages 638-639
Benedikt Hofmann, Hans-Christian Schuppe, Thomas Ruzicka, Annegret Kuhn, Percy Lehmann

pages 640-641
Ignacio Yanguas, José M. Oleaga, Magdalena González-Güemes, J.Jaime Goday, Ricardo Soloeta

pages 641-643
Shimako Mizoguchi, Mitsuru Setoyama, Yuko Higashi, Hideki Hozumi, Tamotsu Kanzaki

page 644
Monica L. McCrary, Loretta S. Davis

page 644
Robert A. Schwartz

pages 644-645
LTC Dirk M. Elston

page 645
Patrick Combemale, Michel Dupin

page 645
Adelaide A. Hebert

pages 645-646
K. El-Hoshy, R. Mizuguchi

page 646
Frederic Llanos, Nadia Raison-Peyron, Laurent Meunier, Jacques Ducos, Jean Meynadier

page 646
Kazuya Kanazawa, Hiroaki Okamoto

page S1
James J. Leyden

page S5
John W. Quigley, Daniel A.W. Bucks

page S11
Otto H. Mills, Richard S. Berger

page S17
Anne W. Luckya, Stanley I. Cullenb, Michael T. Jarratt, John W. Quigley

page S24
Anne W. Lucky, Stanley I. Cullen, Toni Funicella, Michael T. Jarratt, Terry Jones, Max E. Reddick

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